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Snuggle Packs

Snuggle packs came to be when Kara Atkinson read one of the many articles printed about our Tedz project and thought back to when she was a child and how comforting a blanket was. Since then the project has evolved thanks to Carolyn Cragg to include well thought out items that a child may find comforting or therapeutic to an abused child.

The items in these packs are all NEW and comprised solely from goods donated by the local community. A blanket to wrap around the child, a soft toy to hold, a torch for night time, a diary and pens to write down or draw your feelings or colouring in book and crayons depending on the age of the child.

The child does not know they will receive this pack and it is only offered to a child after the process has been completed. A child gets lost in this investigation process and to provide something to say that their community cares about them is extremely important especially when a child maybe uplifted from home at that time and when they are they are often uplifted from everything so having something to comfort them is paramount.

These packs are available only in the Taranaki region at this time but we hope to also see this nationwide.

If you would like to help by donating items or funds to purchase items then pop over to our WISHLIST page.

If you would like to get involved or see it come to your area then please contact us via FACEBOOK or EMAIL.

NEW Items in the Taranaki region can be donated at any McDonald Real Estate office, Mon to Fri.